Commercial Water Pump System

Energy Saving & Green Techology

We provide solution for commercial and industrial water pump system with energy efficiency technology.

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Our Business Segment

Our business mainly involved in Water Boosting System and it is divided into 4 major segment as per below.

Pumping Station

  • Booster
  • Transfer
  • Pressurized
  • Circulation

Hot Water System

  • Heat Pump
  • Solar System
  • Heat Recovering System
  • Hot water hybrid system

Great Green Panel

“Great Green Panel” is our brand. It is specially designed for energy saving purpose using inverter technology and energy saving motor.

Pump Repair & Service

We provide all pump related service to make sure your system is always in good condition.


who are we ?

Great Pumps Sdn Bhd

We are M&E Engineering company specialized in Water Pump System. We offer energy saving solution for pump application via inverter technology and IE2 motor with high efficiency.

With over 25 years experience in the market, we also provide all type of water pump related service from sales, spare parts, service, sizing and pump system fabrication.

Apart from energy saving solution, we also provide hot water system for commercial use.

why choose us ?

Great Pumps Sdn Bhd

  • Quality, Efficiency & Reliability is our way of working philosophy, we are ready to serve you better.
  • We have wide range of experience in maintaining, repairing and overhauling rotating equipment.
  • We committed in one-stop services to solve breakdown.
  • We are certified company and member of CIDB.
  • Knowledge and Technical Support in assisting our customer to understand more about the correct ways and methods to reduce down time.

Our Products

Booster Pump

Cold water transfer solution. Water booster system for building, hotel, process, fire fighting, municipal water & etc.


Inverter for energy saving, smart control. Increase system efficiency and cost saving.

Induction Motor

Drive for pump. Energy saving and efficient Induction motor help to deliver higher output with smaller motor.

Hot Water System

Centralized hot water system for commercial purpose. Bungalow, guest house, hotel, club, and etc.

We have solution for these type of water

Clean Water

Cold water transfer solution. Water booster system for building, hotel, process, fire fighting, municipal water & etc.

Hot Water

Hot water system for bungalows, hotel, commercial building & etc. Hot water piping, heating element, hot water tank and so on.

Waste Water

Sewage water from factory process, kitchen, toilet & etc.