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Our product range

Our products are used for water system. We have wide range of product that cater for different customer’s requirement. 





Pumping Station

Pumping station mainly provide 4 types of purpose in water system, namely Boosting, Transfer, Pressurized and Circulation of fluid / water. 

great green panel

Great Green Panel is a customized water booster pump control panel designed based on the concept of energy saving and high efficiency concept. With the use of Inverter and IE2 high efficiency it able to help the building owner to save a lot of cost and energy.

hot water system

Hot water system for commercial purpose such as hotel, spa center, sports center, motel, bungalow and etc. Electric water heater, heat pump, solar water heater and hot water storage tank.

pump system component / spare parts

We also supply components for water pump related system such as bare pump, electric motor, pump spare parts, PPR piping material, pressure tank, anti-vibration control and etc.

water pump services

We provide all sort of water pump related such as installation, repair, preventative maintenance, restore, redesign, anti-vibration, noise reduction, laser alignment and so on.