energy saving

great green panel

Great Green Panel is specially designed for system owner to enjoy lower operating cost. There are 2 main components in the panel that can help to save energy, namely inverter drive and high efficiency motor.

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Feature of this system


Variable Speed

Inverter powered motor drive system. This will control the speed of the motor according to the required set pressure. Therefore, it can keep the electrical usage to minimum.


Fully Automatic

The system is operate in full 

Automatic start and stop the pump. 



Only one pump is working at a time – Duty & Standby.  If one of the pump is not working, another pump can work as backup. 


Quality Piping

The system comes with quality piping material – Polyphenylene Ether (PPE) to ensure the system is leak free and chemical resistance. 


Silent System

Our system adopt quality pump to ensure to noise level is keep to minimum during the pump operation.


Quality Parts

Our system adopt quality part to ensure it always in good condition. 


Ready to Work

The system is ready to start working once the inlet and outlet fixed into piping.


Flexible Voltage

The system can operate with single phase or three phase electricity supply.  

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