hot water system

“Smart Hot Water Concept”, which is an integration of the latest technologie offering clients solution that:

▪Has the highest system energy efficiency

▪Longer life span,but maintain efficiency over lifespan

▪Minimize operation cost

▪Able to utilize or combine energy sources such as but not limited to;solar,heat recovery,heat pump,gas,electric,diesel

hot water system

Hot water system for commercial purpose such as hotel, spa center, sports center, motel, bungalow and etc. Electric water heater, heat pump, solar water heater and hot water storage tank.

BRAND: AUMADA, i-Zenith, Wizard, GreenMaq

type of hot water system

 There are several types of water heating system configuration as below. 

1) Hybrid – Solar + Heat pump

This system uses both solar penal and heat pump to form a hybrid system. During sunny day, solar panel will be used to heat up water. When rainy day, heat pump will start to heat up the hot water. 

2) Heat recovery

This system is working together with air conditioner system with heat exchange benefit.  Heat source from air conditioner is used to heat up the cold water to the desired temperature. 

3) Solar pre-heat, heat pump final heat 

This system uses solar panel and heat pump together. Solar panel is used to pre-heat the water. Heat pump is use to final heat the water to required temperature. 

4) heat pump – air source

This system use heat pump to heat up water.  

5) electric

 This system uses electric heater to heat up water. 

6) solar heating

 This system uses solar panel to heat up water. 

project photo