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Water Boosting Pump System

Water boosting pump system is formed by a few components, namely:- 

  • Pump 
  • Motor 
  • Controller / Drive 
  • Control Valve 
  • Pressure switch 
  • Gauge 
  • Pressure tank
  • Pipe & fittings
  • Pump base
  • Anti-vibration springs

pump head

electric motor


pipe & Fittings

Water Pump

Water pump is the most important component in water pressure boosting system. We carry a few brands to serve our customers from different type of application. Below are the brands that we often used in our system design. 

GPA Pumps

GPA pumps offer high pressure pumping, water supply, waste water treatment, flood control, commercial HVAC and etc.

SAER Elettropompe


SAER motors can be used in a wide range of fields of application, from agriculture to offshore and mining.On request, motors for horizontal operation and with key shaft are available. SAER offers reliable, made-to-measure solutions which can meet all requirements in various different sectors: civil, industrial, agriculture and irrigation, underground extraction, mining, oil and gas, water treatment



Varisco pumps are available in numerous styles and materials including peristaltic, air operated diaphragm, centrifugal, multi-stage, horizontal, vertical, submersible, industrial, chemical, rotary lobe, progressive cavity, dosing, machine coolant pumps.


Provide and protect safe water resources for communities in need around the world, and to educate people about water issues.

Used in agricultural, construction, environmental, food and beverage, government agencies, industrial, public utilities, residential and commercial building services. Producing highly efficient water technologies that use less energy, reduce life cycle costs and provide environmental benefits to users and the communities in which they operate.



Lowara pump produce highly efficiency water technology to use less energy and reduce life cycle costs.

Electric Motor

Electric motor is the engine that moves the pump. 

Wonder Motor

WONDER high efficiency electric motors verification and startseries productions. WONDER motors seize the market and play a role worldwide.

Highly efficiency electric motors with IE2 and IE3 standard to increase the power efficiency.

Inverter Drive

Control the speed of the motor. 

TECO Inverter

Highly efficiency electric motors with IE2 and IE3 standard to increase the power efficiency.



Pipe & Fittings

PPR Pipe

Specializing in the supply business of technological advanced plumbing products made with high quality PPR pipe and fittings .

  • Leak free
  • suitable for Hot & cold water
  • chemical resistance

Control Valve 

Manual or auto control valve.