we offer value added service

our services

We provide services related to water pump, electric motor, hot water system related services.


We provide service

We provide water pump related service to make sure our customer’s system always working in good condition. 

Our knowledgeable technical team with the state of art technology equipment, machinery and S.O.P. standard allow us to perform the following service.

  • Inspection 
  • System Upgrade 
  • M&E Installation 
  • Machining, Welding and Fabrication 
  • Motor Rewinding 
  • Repair and refurbishment 
  • Obsoleted Parts / Re-manufacturing 
  • Alignment, Fabrication  



We repair faulty pump and its related system. Parts replacement, system conversion.


We help customer to select the most suitable pump system. 


We provide on service to pump system and convert their old system to new one.

preventive maintenance

We help customer to carry out PM on regular basis to ensure the system is always in good condition.

Our Services

We provide services related to our product range. Generally it covers water pump systems, HVAC and so on.

Product Selection / Sizing

We assist our customer to select the most suitable product to their needs and application. This will make sure they are paying for the value of money.

System Upgrading

We help building owners to upgrade their existing old system which was done in the last century to more energy saving and more energy efficient system with our latest technology product range.

Pump Installation

We can install all kind of pump system.



We provide piping installation or plumbing for pump related
system. We recommend PPR pipe in our piping installation.


Anti Vibration/Laser Alignment

Vibration in pump system reduce efficiency. We provide laser alignment service to ensure the motor and pump are properly aligned and therefore the vibration level is keep to minimum.


Noise Reduction

Similar to vibration, noise created from pump system cause uneasy and disturbance to the users.
Wear and tear parts, such as mechanical seal, coupler, belt and pulley, loose parts need to be replaced. We provide parts replacement service to solve the problem.


Electrical Wiring for Pumps System

We provide electrical wiring service for pump system, control panel board for the pump system.


Pump Repair / Pump System maintenance

We provide pump repair service for pump and checking system on a fixed duration is a must to ensure the system is always at good condition. We provide preventative maintenance service for pump system to make sure it always work properly.